Mobile Card Machine

With our mobile card machine you are able to accept credit card payments on the move. These pocket sized credit card machines are wireless and are easy to carry around. Our mobile credit card machines come with a roaming SIM card which means the credit card machine will automatically search for the strongest mobile phone signal anywhere in the UK. These credit card machines can also be configured for pre-authorizations, gratuities & Cashback!

In addition to all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, the iWL251 model is configured for contactless payments – the latest fast and secure way for your customers to pay. Our mobile card machine is easy to install – follow the simple instructions to start accepting card payments within minutes!

  • Fully mobile card machine utilising multi-network GPRS technology for increased reliability
  • Inclusive of GPRS airtime contract
  • One of the smallest and lightest devices on the market
  • Long-life battery supports transactions for extended periods of time
  • Black and white (iWL221) or colour screen options (iWL251)
  • Powerful processor handles transactions in seconds
  • Contactless ready option (iWL251)
  • Meets today’s most stringent industry standards for wireless terminal security
  • Drop-in paper loading virtually eliminates paper jams that create delays

  • iWL200 Series iWL 221 iWL 251
    Display FSTN Monochrome Graphics 128 x 64 pixels White backlit 2.53" Transmissive TFT-LCD Color QVGA 320 x 240 pixels4096 colors 2,81”
    Thermal printer Speed in lines/seond 30 l/s 30 l/s
    Power supply Terminal/base Terminal car charger 5V 1A 5V 0,75A - option 5V 1A 5V 0,75A - option
    Batteries Li-Ion Li-Ion 2200 mAh Li-Ion 2200 mAh
    Terminal size LxWxH (paper roll cage Ø 40 mm) 165mmx78mmx54 mm 165mmx78mmx54mm
    Weight Terminal (w/o paper roll nor cable) 285g 285g
    Environment Operating temperature Storage temperature Relative humidity non condensing 10°C to +45°C -20°C to +55°C 85% HR at +40°C 10°C to +45°C -20°C to +55°C 85% HR at +40°C

    All of our credit card machines will include two paper rolls as standard. Did you know that you can now buy paper rolls easily from our online store.

    Call our Customer Service Team on 0000 873 1 789 for all terminal support queries